Standard Commerical License

Standard Commerical License

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This listing is for a commercial license for one cookie cutter design for sale of up to 250 units per design.

This license is to be purchased in addition to the STL file for the cutter you wish to sell. If the STL file is not currently listed in the shop, please email us at so we can get the file listed for you.

This license only applies to Minted Prints designs. Minted Prints hosts designs by other cookie artists in the shop; this license does not apply to their designs. This includes but is not limited to Sprinkles and Shiplap, Minnie's Cookies, and The Flour Shoppe.

You must complete this form for each commercial license purchased. Failure to complete the form will render the commercial license invalid until the form is completed. If a commercial license for above mentioned designers is purchased, the amount will be refunded. 

Some cutters are based on purchased commercial clipart. If you wish to sell cutters based on these designs, you will need to purchase the clipart and the commercial license from the artist. We are happy to provide that information to you.

An Extended Commercial License for sale of up to 1000 units may be purchased here. Sales exceeding 1000 units will incur a 20% royalty fee per unit sold per design.

Terms & Conditions

  • Minted Prints owns the intellectual property of the cookie cutter 3D model and the copyright to the cookie cutter design artwork.
  • The Buyer may use the STL file to print cookie cutters to sell at profit, up to 250 units per cutter design (includes all available sizes).
  • The Buyer must purchase a commercial license for each cutter design or puzzle set (example: BYO Heart Ice-Cream Set of 4) for which they wish to sell cookie cutters. The commercial license does not apply to bundled sets (example: Farmhouse Christmas Set of 6) available in the Minted Prints Shop. 
  • The Buyer may not sell, trade, exchange, share, or otherwise distribute the STL file.
  • The Buyer may not create their own STL using Minted Prints cookie cutter designs.
  • The Buyer may not scale, modify, or alter the STL files. Cookie cutters produced from the STL file must be printed at 100% scale to ensure sizing is consistent.
  • The Buyer agrees to only sell high quality printed cookie cutters using Minted Prints designs. This includes cutters that have a clean cutting edge and is free of debris, burn marks, inclusions, under extrusion, over extrusion, warping, or other print errors and damage.
  • The Buyer agrees to sell cookie cutters from Minted Prints STL files at market price. Buyer may host sales up to 20% off for up to one week in length no more than 4 times per year. This is to prevent shops from de-valuing the cookie cutter designs.
  • The Buyer may use artwork from Minted Prints website for product listings in their own shop.
  • Minted Prints is not responsible for printing errors, printer damage, printer maintenance, injury to the Buyer or other persons, or anything else related to printing of cookie cutters, or costs incurred as a result of these events.

Be cool and follow the T&C; it protects you, us, and others who purchase commercial licenses. 

Best of luck with your sales!