About Our Cookie Cutters

You've never met a better cutter

I know, it's a mighty thing to say. Here is why we love our cutter and believe you will too.

Our cutters:

  • Have the cutter description engraved in each cutter so you never forget what the cutter is suppose to be,
  • Have a 0.55 inch cutting blade so you can cleanly cut any thickness of dough,
  • Have rounded handles for comfort whether you're cutting 1 cookie or 100,
  • Has a reinforced joint between the handle and blade so the cutter is super sturdy and doesn't warp in your hand,
  • Are designed by a fellow cookier who understands the nuances of a great cutter that doesn't get dough stuck in tiny spaces,
  • Are hand-drawn for unique designs,
  • Have optional add-on modifier cutters to cleanly remove embelishments like bows and florals without hand-cutting or buying a whole separate cutter.
  • Are printed in food-safe PLA plastic, and
  • And have sizing designed so all cutters within one size category (e.g. Regular) look nice next to each other rather than relying on one measurement of the longest edge.


Have you ever purchased cookie cutters of the same size from a store only to have one cutter be extremely small compared to another of the same "size" but have the same longest length?

So annoying!

For this reason, Sweet Sugarstar cookie cutters are sized within ranges to ensure any cutter within a size category looks balanced with other cutters in the same size category. 

  • Mini: 2-2.5 inch longest side
  • Small: 3-3.5 inch longest side
  • Regular: 3.5-4 inch longest side
  • Large: 4-4.5 inch longest side

Boy vs girl versions of a cutter in the same size category may have up to a 1/2 inch difference in the longest side to allow for a bow or flower(s) on the girly version without adding much to the cookie volume. This makes both cutters look nice and balanced next to each other without sizing up or down. 

You can see the Sheet Ghost with and without a bow in the image below. These are both Regular size cutters. The Sheet Ghost with the bow adds about a 1 square inch volume to the overall cookie and looks balanced next to the Ghost without the bow. 

Additionally, almost every "girly" cutter, meaning those with a bow or florals, also has an optional add-on modifier cutter that allows you to clean cut off the embellishments without purchasing an entire separate cutter. 

If you ever have a question about the size of a cutter, please send us a message and we will get back to you within 48 business hours.