Cookie Cutter By Design Training

Cookie Cutter By Design Training

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Cookie Cutter By Design is a 2-part training where you learn how to draw custom cookie cutter designs in Procreate, then import those designs into Fusion360 to create any cookie cutter STL you wish. 

In Procreate you'll learn how to:

  • Draw perfect shapes, smooth arcs, and straight lines
  • Import photos and files (useful for importing cookie cutter shapes!)
  • How to trace elements (again, useful for getting cookie shapes)
  • Select, drop, modify colors
  • Create custom color palettes (include my trick to import custom palettes from a photo)
  • Use layers
  • Add airbrushing, textures, and gradients for dimension
  • Organize cookie orders

In Fusion 360, you'll learn the essential ingredients for sturdy cookie cutters that also 3D print easily, plus how to create:

  • Outline cookie cutters
  • Imprint cookie cutters
  • Stamps & embossers
  • Puzzle cookie cutters
  • Multi-cutters
  • Cookie cutter poppers (for those really tiny shapes!)

By the end of both trainings, you'll have everything you need to design your own custom cookie cutters.

This training is pre-recorded. After checkout, you'll receive an instant download with instructions to access the videos. 

Procreate is an app available for Apple (R) iPad products and works best with an Apple (R) Pencil. It is a one-time fee of $10.

Fusion360 is a software that requires access to a computer. There are free options available, which I will cover in the training.