3D Print Your First Cookie Cutter - C

3D Print Your First Cookie Cutter 

so you can save money without the stress

You probably already know that 3D printing a cookie cutter costs 50 cents or less. 3D printing your own cutters is the fast way to keep more money in your pocket and still get all the cutters you want.

In this free training, you'll learn:

  • The easy 3 step process to 3D print anything

  • Essential settings for strong cutters

  • Avoiding common 3D printing pitfalls

You'll leave this FREE training knowing exactly how to 3D print your first cookie cutter with success. Click the button below to reserve your spot.


I'm Chelsea, Your 3D Printing Partner

3D printing may feel intimidating and overwhelming but it doesn't have to be!

I knew nothing when I started 3D printing and it was a rocky road while I stumbled through the learning curve all on my own. I didn't even know what to google to find answers. 

Now I run multiple printers at once for my shop without issues and I'm passing that knowledge on to you so you can 3D print without the frustration!

And with so many shops offering their STL files, there is no better time than now to jump on the 3D printing band wagon.

You can grab an STL file and have a brand new cutter in about an hour for about 50 cents (versus the $5 you have been spending).

Whether you run a cookie business, or decorate as a hobby, 3D printing lets you focus more on doing what you love -- decorating cookies -- without the price tag.